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Edward Kelly paints from a wealth of knowledge of paint and form. In over 48 years of dedicated practice, study and struggle he has constantly explored new aspects and elements of painting, always pushing forward on the frontiers of painted expression. His techniques are precise from practice and intuitive from experience. He makes art with a passion. The paintings speak for themselves.

Sunlight piercing sea mist
obscuring the Isle of Man.

- from bloom to dust.

Instruments -
the true subject matter -
the moment a string
is plucked.

Isle of Man,
spirit of place.

River / Ocean
Impossible forms.

Exhibition 2012
in Isle of Man

Eating the Subject.

Mountains & Places
Notes on mountains and balconies



St. Dubricius Polytch
Prices range from 950 for works on paper, 4000 to 50000 for works on canvas.
For sales and information please email info@edward-kelly.com
Copyright for all works and images displayed on this website are owned by Edward Kelly.